There is no denying how great it feels going to the cinema to see the latest blockbuster! Watching the trailer, ordering the tickets, making sure you arrive in time to see the previews, and then the movie begins! It’s a great experience. However, have you ever noticed some people in the cinema who seem to be taking it a little more seriously than others?

If you are in the position of trying to find a gift someone of your friends who fit that description, below are some great ideas which can help.

Cinema Club

There was once a time where your local cinema was the only place to see every movie you could ever want. However, with so many movies being shows nowadays it just isn’t practical, leaving more and bigger chains to only show a select few. Unfortunately, this often limits the number of movies a movie-buff can see when signing up for a traditional cinema club.

Instead, search the web for online streaming movie clubs that cater to your recipient’s tastes. For example, if you notice your friend has a penchant for horror films then you can easily grab a sundance coupon from Groupon Coupons and give them the gift of horror films!

Of course, you aren’t just limited to horror. Find out what genre they like and take a look through some of the options available. You’ll be glad you spent the time!


When you were a kid, the last thing that you wanted to feel when receiving a gift was a wrapped surprise which you just knew was clothing. Your heart sank as did the floppy sweater wrapped in birthday paper. The reason wasn’t that we didn’t like clothes but because the clothes were bad!

Instead, give them clothes they will like! It’s as easy as finding out one of their favorite movies and then looking online or heading to your local gaming store and picking up something as basic as a shirt with a relevant print or quote on it. It’s as simple as that!

They’re Not Dolls, They’re Action Figures!

If you have ever heard your friend utter these words then you know that this gift is going to be for them. Similar to the tip above, all you need to know is at least one of the favorite movies to get a great gift. Armed with just this information, head down to your local video-game or board-game store (you’ve seen the ones we are talking about which you never thought you would enter), speak to a salesperson and tell them what you know and your budget.

Letting them decide on the exact action figure is the best way to ensure you don’t pick a bad character or the wrong side of the force.

If you are in a bit of a sticky situation then these are three gifts which are sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face and raise your ranks amongst your friends as the best gift-giver in the group!